5 Reasons People Are Loving Àsìkò Watches

5 Reasons People Are Loving Àsìkò Watches

5 Reasons the New Àsìkò Wristwatch Is Turning Heads

Whether you’re building a personal collection or looking for that versatile piece you can take between the office and a barbeque, Àsìkò’s online store should be one of your first stops. Since the launch of its first watch, Invisible, earlier this year, the South African brand has already carved a space in the market.

But what is it that sets Àsìkò apart from the hundreds of thousands of other luxury watch retailers online?

  1. Quality

With strong resistance to corrosion and physical damage, the 316L stainless steel that encases every Àsìkò is a guarantee of durability and longevity. At the heart of the watch, a Swiss Ronda movement stays accurate for months, requiring minimal calibration over its lifetime.

  1. Design

The white date window with black lettering is a direct contrast to the obsidian watch face, making it easier to get the date and time at a glance. The minimalism of Àsìkò watches aren’t just a functionality choice – they’re intrinsic to the sleek look of the collection.

  1. Affordability

By removing unnecessary middlemen from the production cycle and foregoing the cost of a physical store, Àsìkò is able to bring customers luxury brand watches at amazing prices with minimal markup.

  1. Personalization

Àsìkò’s easy-release watch straps allow wearers to switch between genuine leather, trendy NATO, and vintage-inspired mesh bands with a few easy clicks. Change up your style for the occasion at the drop of a hat.

  1. Message

While their watch collection speaks for itself, Àsìkò’s real impact comes from the message behind the brand. With watches that do what they’re supposed to without being flashy and distracting, th

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